Kondens and Goldberg 1.5

There are small and there are gigantic pipes. Everyone with it´s own character and personality. Of course there are differences between the organ and the recorder but they have more in common than you believe.

They complement each other fabulous with their airy sound and if you put some electronic on top you can get a compatible picture, both in volume and pitch. The Duo first started in the ensemble ”Musik fit for a king” but their common curiosity for new music and the connection between old and contemporary, both in music and society, made them start their own duo.

Kondens still produce concerts with only baroque music but often they combine this with new hot compositions. They also just perform contemporary works by composers as Jan Sandström and Monolog X and integrates profane and sacral context in their productions. The duo gives concerts regular (from 2014) both in Sweden and Norway and participated this year e.g. at New Directions Festival in Piteå (Sweden). That particular concert was send and broadcasted by the Swedish Radio P2 Live. The Duo has also been tributed by press and radio for their interaction, musicality and originality.

This summer the will go one tour for a week in Sweden in July with a program concentrating on Antonio Vivaldi.

About the piece: GOLDBERG 1.5 The ide behind the work is to put new interpretations (constructions) side by side with the old variations from the ”hit” Goldberg variations of Johan Sebastian Bach. The belief was that the contrast between the different variations with century between should be interesting. The motivation was the curiosity for the output. The project includes five very different composers, all well reputed but separate regarding musical directions, gender, age and location. Questions that titillating us was: How is this piece going to be perceived by the audience, the composers and us self? Will the parts in this collage be understood as a whole? Are the different variations going to be equivalent?

Websites for the composers in Goldberg 1.5:

Short CV for the members in Kondens:  

Lisa Oscarsson (1980) Organist, born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden. Lisa studied Church Music at the Academy of Music in Malmö with Mattias Wager, and at the Royal Academy in Stockholm with Stefan Therstam and Tomas Willstedt. She graduated in 2005, specializing in improvisation, composition and soloist organ. The year after, Lisa was accepted to the Concert Organist programme at the Academy in Piteå, commencing soloist studies with prof. Hans-Ola Ericsson. Following this, she studied the Master programme in soloist organ for prof. Ericsson, giving her diploma concert in Luleå Cathedral in 2011. Lisa is currently music director and organist in Umeå City congregation where she is responsible for the extensive concert programme, while also touring extensively in Sweden, Germany and enselwhere. Lisa has received scholarships from, amongst others, the Royal Academy. www.lisaoscarsson.se

My Eklund is a recorder player that has studied at Malmö Academy of Music, at ESMAE in Portugal and at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm where she did her master in Music. Today she works as progressive freelance musicians. My both works with her own projects and engages in the area of new and old music, mostly in Sweden but also in the North and Europe. She has participated in a lot of world premiers e.g. at Västerås Concerthall and Stockholm House of Culture & City Theatre. She are the founder of ensemble Parkour (Sten Sandell, Jörgen Pettersson and Anna Svensdotter), initiator and project leader of Kondens and has received grants from SWEDISH ART COUNCIL, THE SWEDISH ARTS GRANTS COMMITTEE and also the Swedish performing arts agency among others. My´s productions has been produced and broadcasted by the Swedish national radio a several times and she is frequently engages by the Society of Swedish composers.

Photo: Göran Eklund and Ida Lunden. Painting: Adam Stolterman

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